JNTU Question Papers Bio Chemistry I Sem Nov 2008

JNTU Question Papers

Bio Chemistry I Sem Nov 2008


1. Describe the action of acid and alcohol on sugars. [16]

2. Describe in detail the structure and function of lectins [8+8]

3. Write the structure and functions of the following:

(a) Palmitic acid

(b) Arachidonic acid

(c) Linoleic acid

(d) ?-linolenic acid [4×4]

4. (a) Reaction of an aminoacid with 1-fluoro 2,4-dinitro benzene (Sanger’s reagent)

and its importance. [4+4]

(b) Edman’s reaction and it’s importance. [8]

5. Describe the pathways in the biosynthesis of aromatic amino acids. [16]

6. “TCA cycle is the final common pathway of oxidation of carbohydrates, proteins

and lipids”- Substantiate the statement. [16]

7. Write notes on

(a) chlorophylls and their role in trapping of solar energy

(b) anoxygenic photosynthesis [8+8]

8. C4 plants are typical of highly luminous environments, and may be more affected

by shade than C3 plants. Why do you think this may happen? [16]

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