JNTU,B.Tech,I- Semester, BIO CHEMISTRY, November 2008

JNTU,B.Tech,I- Semester, BIO CHEMISTRY, November 2008





1. What do you mean by Carbohydrates? Discuss the carbohydrates that are membrane Components.


2. How the glucose level of blood is maintained in animals? Discuss the role of Hormones in sugar regulation in the animal body.


3. Summarize the sequence of reaction involved in malate aspartate shuttle.


4. Describe proteins conformation is stabilized largely by weak interaction.


5. List out the amino acids that are synthesized using the precursor ?-ketoglutarate

and sketch their biosynthesis.


6. (a) What are structural lipids? Give their structural characteristics.

(b) Which are the phospholipids that have ether-linked fatty acids. Give their structures and mention their physiologicsl significance.


7. (a) What is substrate level phosphorylation? Explain its significance. Illustrate two reactions in which such phosphorylation reactions occur.

(b) Sketch the biogenesis of ethanol.


8. What is the electron flow in cyclic photophosphorylation. When this occur? Illustrate this phenomenon with the help of a flow-sheet diagram.


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