JNTU,B.Tech,I- Semester, BIO CHEMISTRY, November 2008

JNTU,B.Tech,I- Semester, BIO CHEMISTRY, November 2008





1. Write short Notes:

(a) Homopolysaccharides

(b) Heteropolysaccharides

(c) Formation of Maltose

(d) Some Common Disaccharides.


2. Explain the relationship between Glyoxylate and citric acid cycle.


3. What do you understand by “redox” reactin? Write a note on oxidation versus reduction in the biological system.


4. Describe the amino acid residues in proteins are L stereo isomers.


5. What is the key intermediate in the synthesis of aromatic amino acids? Sketch the

biosynthesis of tryptophan from chorismate, how it is regulated?


6. (a) What are ceramides and sphingolipids? Give their structural features and mention their biological roles.

(b) What are glycosphingolipids and cerebrosides. Mention their structural features.


7. Enumerate the different stages involved in the extraction of energy from food stuffs.

Outline the major pathways involved in this process.


8. What is the mechanism of trapping the solar energy? What are the primary and secondary photoreceptor molecules? Explain the structural characteristics of chlorophylls.


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