JNTU PAPERS,B-Tech, I-Semester, Anatomy And Physiology, November 2008


JNTU,B.Tech, I-Semester,

                                                                          Anatomy And Physiology

November 2008

(Bio-Medical Engineering)




1. Describe the role of bone in calcium Homeostasis? Write different types of bone with their functions.


2. Explain how each of the following events related to the phsiology of vision

(a) Refraction of light

(b) Accomodation of the lens

(c) Construction of pupil.


3. Write short notes on

(a) Pulse

(b) Blood Pressure


4. Describe the development of respiratory system.

5. Explain the working of endocrine regulatory system?


6. Write a short notes on:

(a) Stomach

(b) Liver.


7. Describe the development of the lymphatic system.


8. Mention some of the urinary tract disorders ? Explain the processes of tubular secretion?



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