JNTU B Tech 1st Year Syllabus for CSE Basic Electrical Engineering

JNTU B Tech 1st Year Syllabus for CSE Basic Electrical Engineering


I Year B. Tech CSE T P C


Introduction to Electrical Engineering : Essence of electricity, Conductors, semiconductors and insulators (elementary treatment only); Electric field; electric current, potential and potential difference, electromotive force, electric power, ohm’s law, basic circuit components, electromagnetism related laws,
Magnetic field due to electric current flow ,force on a current carrying conductor placed in a magnetic field, Faradays laws of electromagnetic induction. Types of induced EMF’s, Kirchhoff’s laws. Simple problems.

Network Analysis : Basic definitions, types of elements , types of sources, resistive networks, inductive networks, capacitive networks, series parallel circuits, star delta and delta star transformation , Network theorems- Superposition , Thevenins’s, Maximum power transfer theorems and simple problems.

Magnetic Circuits : Basic definitions, analogy between electric and magnetic circuits, magnetization characteristics of Ferro magnetic materials, self inductance and mutual inductance, energy in linear magnetic systems, coils connected in series, attracting force of electromagnets.

Alternating Quantities : Principle of ac voltages , waveforms and basic definitions, relationship between frequency, speed and number of poles, root mean square and average values of alternating currents and voltage, form factor and peak factor, phasor representation of alternating quantities, the J operator and phasor algebra, analysis of ac circuits with single basic network element, single phase series circuits, single phase parallel circuits, single phase series parallel circuits, power in ac circuits.

Transformers : Principles of operation, Constructional Details, Ideal Transformer and Practical Transformer, Losses, Transformer Test, Efficiency and Regulation Calculations (All the above topics are only elementary treatment and simple problems).

Direct current machines : Principle of operation of dc machines, armature windings, e.m.f equation in a dc machine, Torque production in a dc machine, Operation of a dc machine as a generator, operation of a dc machine as a motor.

A.C Machines : Three phase induction motor, principle of operation, slip and rotor frequency, torque (simple problems). Synchronous Machines: Principle of operation, EMF equation (Simple problems on EMF). Synchronous
motor principle and operation (Elementary treatment only)

Basic Instruments : Introduction, classification of instruments, operating principles, essential features of measuring instruments, Moving coil permanent magnet (PMMC) instruments, Moving Iron of Ammeters
and Voltmeters (elementary Treatment only)

1. Basic Electrical Engineering – By M.S.Naidu and S. Kamakshiah – TMH.
2. Basic Electrical Engineering –By T.K.Nagasarkar and M.S. Sukhija Oxford University Press.

1. Theory and Problems of Basic Electrical Engineering by D.P.Kothari & I.J. Nagrath PHI.
2. Principles of Electrical Engineering by V.K Mehta, S.Chand Publications.
3. Essentials of Electrical and Computer Engineering by David V. Kerns, JR. J. David Irwin Pearson.

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