JNTU B Tech IV Year Syllabus Advanced Computer Architechture

JNTU B Tech IV Year Syllabus Advanced Computer Architechture


IV Year B.Tech. CSE -I Sem T P C


Unit – I

Fundamentals of Computer design- Technology trends- cost- measuring and reporting performance quantitative principles of computer design.

Unit – II
Instruction set principles and examples- classifying instruction set- memory addressing- type and size of operands- addressing modes for signal processing-operations in the instruction set- instructions for control flow- encoding an instruction set.-the role of compiler.

Unit – III
Instruction level parallelism (ILP)- over coming data hazards- reducing branch costs –high performance instruction delivery- hardware based speculation- limitation of ILP

Unit – IV
ILP software approach- compiler techniques- static branch protection – VLIW approach – H.W support for more ILP at compile time- H.W verses S.W Solutions

Unit – V
Memory hierarchy design- cache performance- reducing cache misses penalty and miss rate – virtual memory- protection and examples of VM.

Unit – VI
Multiprocessors and thread level parallelism- symmetric shared memory architectures- distributed shared memory- Synchronization- multi threading.

Unit – VII
Storage systems- Types – Buses – RAID- errors and failures- bench marking a storage device- designing a I/O system.

Unit – VIII
Inter connection networks and clusters- interconnection network media – practical issues in interconnecting networks- examples – clusters- designing a cluster.

1. Computer Architecture A quantitative approach 3rd edition John L. Hennessy & David A. Patterson Morgan Kufmann (An Imprint of Elsevier)

1. “Computer Architecture and parallel Processing” Kai Hwang and A.Briggs International Edition McGraw-Hill.
2. Advanced Computer Architectures, Dezso Sima, Terence Fountain, Peter Kacsuk, Pearson.
3. Parallel Computer Architecture, A Hardware / Software Approach, David E. Culler, Jaswinder Pal singh with Anoop Gupta, Elsevier

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