JNTU Question Papers–I B.Tech Regular Exams–Computer Programming–May/Jun 2008


I B.Tech Regular Examinations, May/Jun 2008



1. (a) Define Psuedocode.

(b) Define flowchartc.

(c) What are the different stages in the program development?

2. (a) What are the commonly used Input / Output functions used in ‘C’. How they are accessed?

(b) What is the standard Input / Output header files in ‘C’? How it is used?

3. (a) Write short notes on register variable.

(b) Write a program to show the working of register variable in different blocks.

4. Explain an array , array declaration and features of array.

5. (a) How bits are manipulated using bit fields in ‘C’ explain?

(b) What is the use of typedef in structure declaration?

6. What is the purpose of library function feof()? How might feof() be utilized within a program that updates an unformatted data file?

7. Write a program to evaluate the following expression X = A / B + C infix to postfix using stack.

8. (a) Write a program to swap nodes in a binary tree.

(b) Write a program to delete node in a binary tree.

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