JNTU Question Papers–I B.Tech Regular Exams–Computer Programming–May/Jun 2008


I B.Tech Regular Examinations, May/Jun 2008



1. (a) Define Psuedocode.

(b) Define flowchartc.

(c) What are the different stages in the program development?

2. (a) Explain about gets and puts function explain with example.

(b) What is the difference between gets and getc function?

3. Write a program to swap the contents of given variable.

4. (a) Write short notes on pointer to void.

(b) Write short notes on Address Arithmetic.

5. Define Structure and write the general format for declaring and accessing structure members with an example.

6. (a) Describe data file hierarchy.

(b) Write the syntax for opening and closing a file.

7. Explain the applications of stack and queue in detail.

8. (a) What is a network?

(b) What is a spanning tree?

(c) Define minimal spanning tree.

(d) What are the various traversals in a tree?

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