JNTU Question Papers-Chemical Engineering-Momentum Transfer-Set-II-November 2008

JNTU II B.Tech I Semester Regular Examinations, November 2008


(Chemical Engineering)




1. (a) With the help of a neat sketch, explain the principle and applications of an inclined manometer.

(b) An inclined manometer is installed across a pipeline carrying water to measure the pressure drop due to friction. The manometer is filled with organic liquid of specific gravity 1.6 and its reading is 5 cm. The angle between the vertical and inclined limbs is 60o. Calculate the pressure drop?



2. (a) State and explain momentum equation in detail.

(b) Find the diameter of a pipe of length 1750m when the rate of flow of water through the pipe is 175 litres/sec and the head lost due to friction is 4m.


3. Derive an expression for the thickness of the layer in a flow of liquids in thin layers.


4. (a) Derive the continuity equation for a compressible fluid.

(b) Derive the energy equation for a compressible fluid.


5. Obtain an expression for motion of a particle through fluid under the influence of gravitational force.


6. Discuss the effect of fluid superficial velocity on pressure drop and bed expansion in a bed of solids.


7. Explain the working of a centrifugal pump with neat sketch.


8. A lube oil(specific gravity 0.8) is flowing through a 15 cm steel pipe at 1500 LPM. A 10 cm orifice attached to a mercury manometer is placed in the pipe line and the orifice coefficient may be taken as 0.62. If the manometer leg is inclined at an angle of 300 to the horizontal, what would be the manometer reading along the sloping leg?

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