JNTU Question Papers-B.Tech-Momentum Transfer-November 2008

JNTU  B.Tech  Regular Examinations, November 2008


(Chemical Engineering)




1. (a) What is the importance of dimensional analysis?

(b) Outline the procedure for Rayleigh’s method and Buckingham method used in dimensional analysis.


2. (a) Explain the boundary layer formation for the flow of fluid parallel with a thin plate,giving a neat sketch

(b) Estimate the transition length at the entrance to a 15mm tube through glycerol at 60oC flowing at a velocity of 0.3 m/sec.The density of glecerol is 1240 kg/m3 and the viscosity is 95cp.


3. (a) Define ’Equivalent diameter’ for fluid flow through ducts of noncircular diameter.

(b) Calculate the hydraulic mean diameter of the annular space between a 4 cm and 6 cm tubes.

(c) Draw velocity profile for laminar flow in a circular pipe.


4. Methane gas is being pumped through a 305m length of 52.5mm diameter steel pipe at a rate of 41.0kg/m2-s.The inlet pressure is 345kPa abs. Assume isothermal flow at 288.8K. (?methane= 1.045 × 10?5pa ? sec, f = 0.0014).

(a) Calculate the pressure at the end of the pipe.

(b) Calculate the maximum velocity that can be obtained at these conditions.


5. (a) What is Reynolds number based on particle diameter?

(b) A mixture of particles are placed in an upward flowing air stream. The density

and viscosity of air are 0.015 g/cc and 0.018 cP, respectively. The flow is laminar and CD = 24/ particle Reynolds number. Diameter and density of the particles are 0.05 mm and1000 kg/m3. Calculate the terminal velocity of particles given particle Reynolds number is equal to the Reynolds number based on particle diameter and terminal velocity.


6. (a) How can it be said that a suspension, when fluidized, behaves like a dense fluid?

(b) Write on entrainment.


7. (a) Explain schedule numbers and Birminghav wix gauge.

(b) Write short notes on stuffing boxes.

(c) What you understand about chick valves.


8. (a) Describe the working of a magnetic flow meter.

(b) Write short notes on potot tube.


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