JNTU Question Papers, B-Tech II Semester Supplementary Unix & Windows NT June 2007

JNTU Question Papers

B.Tech IV Semester Supplementary Examinations, June 2007



1. (a) Explain the structure of UNIX operating system with a neat diagram and discuss them.

(b) What are the basic tools available in the UNIX operating system? Explain them in detail.

2. Explain the following commands with examples:

(a) Listing Files

(b) Copying File

(c) Linking a File

(d) Displaying the contents of a File

3. (a) Create a file and give only execute permission to your group members and others

(b) Create a file and change the ownership and its permissions

(c) Find and delete all files with the word “good ”

4. (a) Explain different redirection parameters and explain

(b) Write about shell variables

5. Write short notes on

(a) Background processing

(b) foreground processing

6. (a) Write a shell script to find the sum of n numbers.

(b) Explain the major functions of shell.

7. Explain the features ofWindows NT operating system with respect to multitasking.

8. Discuss the following in detail.

(a) single domain model

(b) single master domain model.

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