Jntu question Papers-B-Tech Fourth Sem-Supplimentary Examinations-February-2008

Jntu question Papers

B-Tech Fourth Sem-Supplimentary Examinations, February 2008


( Common to Computer Science & Engineering and Electronics & Computer Engineering)


1. Explain about the processor pool model in detail.


2. Compare and explain times for Synchronous and Asynchronous Remote Procedure

Calls with suitable diagrams.


3. (a) Outline a scheme for use of caching at each server to improve file service performance. How does your scheme affect the reliability of the service?

(b) Outline a scheme for the use of caching at each client to improve file service performance. What problems arise when more than one client updates a file?


4. Explain Cristian’s method for Synchronising clocks.


5. (a) Explain backward validation and forward validation.

(b) Compare forward and backward validation and explain about starvation.


6. How the virtual partitions are implemented?


7. Explain about Shadow versions in detail.


8. Summarize the abstractions provided by the Mach Kernel in detail.

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