JNTU previous year question papers B -Tech Ist Semester Regular Examinations -Biochemistry – November 2008

JNTU previous year question papers

JNTU  B.Tech Ist Semester

Regular Examinations, November 2008





1. Write Short notes:

(a) Inter conversion D-Galactose forms

(b) Mutarotation.


2. Describe the methods used for investigating the kinetics of enzymes catalyzed reactions


3. Discuss Gluconeogenesis and Glycolysis are reciprocally regulated.


4. What do you understand by “redox” reactin? Write a note on oxidation versus reduction in the biological system.


5. What is glutathione? What are its constituent amino acids and comment on its role in antioxidant defenses.


6. Write short notes on:

(a) Carnitine shuttle

(b) Thiokinase.


7. What is glycolysis? Compare and contrast the aerobic glycolysis with anaerobic glycolyisis.


8. Write short notes on the following connected to RNA synthesis:

(a) Pribnow box

(b) -35 sequence

(c) Elongation

(d) Termination.


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