JNTU previous year-B-Tech-Semester-Regular Examination-Biochemistry-November-2008

JNTU II B.Tech I Semester Regular Examinations, November 2008






1. What do you mean by Glycoprotein’s? Explain Glycoprotein’s are information-rich   Conjugates containing oligosaccharides.


2. (a) Discuss the proporties of serine proteases

(b) Explain the oligomeric enzymes with suitable Example?


3. Discuss in detail phosphoGluconatepathway.


4. What is proton-motive force? Write a note on the Energy of Electron Transfer is  Efficiently conserved in a proton Gradient.


5. Describe the biosynthesis of cysteine from serine in:

(a) Bacteria

(b) Mammals.


6. What are the principal classes of phospholipids? Write the structures (one) of each class.


7. Describe the reactions involved in the conversion of puruvate to:

(a) Lactate

(b) Acetyl CoA

(c) Oxaloacetate

(d) Ethanol.


8. Write the structures and properties of the following, commonly found in DNA and RNA:

(a) Pyrimidine bases

(b) Pyrimidine nucelosides

(c) Pyrimidine nucleotides.


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