JNTU previous year question papers | B -Tech Ist Sem | Bio electricity and electrod | Nov 2008


                                               (Bio-Medical Engineering)


1. What is excited semiperineable membrane . what are the different types of transdcess used for recording biopotentials?


2. What is refractory period and explain absolute and relative refractory periods.


3. Give an account of generation and propagation of an impulse in unmyelinated and

myelinated nerve fibers.


4. (a) Highlighting the differences between unipolar limb leads and bipolar limb leads, explain them.

(b) Give the relationship for above two leads.


5. Write the applications of bio-electrodes in medical field. Explain about electrode electrolyte interface.


6. Write a note on electrodes used in surgery.


7. (a) What is the importance of motor nerve conduction ? List atleast 3 pathological

conditions where the conduction velocity is abnormal.

(b) Explain the method adopted and equipment used in the measurement of motor

nerve conduction velocity?


8. What are various rhythms in EEG waveforms? How does REM affect the EEG

signals? Discuss the clinical utility of EEG in early detection of Epilepsy?


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