JNTU Previous question papers IV B.Tech I Sem Supplimentary Examinations | February 2008

JNTU IV B.Tech I Semester Supplimentary Examinations, February 2008


( Common to Computer Science & Engineering and Electronics & Computer Engineering)


1. What are the user requirements in a distributed system? Explain in Detail.


2. (a) What are multicast messages? Where is it implemented? And what are the characteristics of it?

(b) Explain about with respect to Group Communication:

i. Atomicity

ii. Ordering.


3. Discuss each of the tasks of encapsulation, concurrent processing, protection, and

name resolution, communication of parameters and results, and scheduling in the case of UNIX file service.


4. (a) Explain the central server algorithm.

(b) Explain distributed algorithm using logical clocks.


5. Explain how the conversation takes place between a client and a server in detail.


6. How the virtual partitions are implemented?


7. Explain log for banking service with relevant diagram.


8. Summarize the abstractions provided by the Mach Kernel in detail.

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