JNTU Previous Question papers-Embedded Systems-February-2008

JNTU IV B.Tech I Semester Supplimentary Examinations, February 2008


( Common to Information Technology and Computer Science & Systems




1. What are embedded systems? Define hard-real time and soft-real time embedded systems. Give any two examples for each of these two categories and justify why they are hard/soft real time embedded systems.


2. Write Truth Table for the following types of gates and give one example for each type of gate where it can be used.

(a) 3-Input NAND gate

(b) 2-Input XOR gate

(c) 2-Input NOR gate

(d) NOT gate


3. Explain the following

(a) Nested interrupts

(b) Polling

(c) Context switching

(d) Interrupt masking


4. Write short notes on the following in the context of an RTOS

(a) Priority inversion

(b) Deadly embrace

(c) Mutex

(d) Counting Semaphore


5. What are the rules to be followed by the interrupt routines in RTOS? Why?


6. Write short notes on the following

(a) Hard real-time systems

(b) Soft real-time systems

(c) Time-slicing

(d) Encapsulation


7. Why in general an Host machine is used for the developments of an embedded system software. Explain various software development tools provided by a Host system.


8. Discuss the issues involved in Embedded database applications with respect to the

following applications

(a) Salary survey

(b) Energy meter reading

on a pocket PC as the target system.

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