JNTU previous Question papers-BE-III-Year-Chemical Engineering-Polymer Engineering-Aug/Sep 2008

JNTU previous Question papers-BE-III-Year-Chemical Engineering

Polymer Engineering-Aug/Sep 2008

(Chemical Engineering)



1. (a) Explain briefly the classification of polymers based on polymerization mechanisms

(b) Differentiate between thermoplastic and thermosetting polymers. Give two examples for each.


2. Define and describe micelles and discuss their role in emulsion polymerization.


3. Explain briefly various methods used for the measurement of molecular weight and its distribution


4. What is chain scission? How many ways these will occur. Explain briefly.


5. (a) Discuss briefly about the rubbery and fibrous filters.

(b) Discuss briefly about the necessity of coupling agents in polymers.


6. (a) Write the physical structure and major applications of poly vinyl chloride .

(b) What are the various methods of production of PVC? Explain any one method with neat flow chart.


7. (a) What are the different types of polyurethanes that can be obtained? Explain the polymerization reactions.

(b) Describe the properties and applications of polyethylene terephalate (PET) polymers.


8. (a) What is extrusion? What are the different types of extrusions and explain briefly each of them

(b) Explain calendaring process with suitable example.

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