JNTU previous Question Papers-B.Tech-Power Metallurgy-February 2008

JNTU IV B.Tech Supplementary Examinations, February 2008


(Metallurgy & Material Technology)



1. (a) What is the scope of Powder Metallurgy?

(b) Compare Powder Metallurgy with other fabrication techniques.


2. Critically discuss the methods of Powder Production. What are the methods most suited for composite powders.


3. (a) What is the principle underlying the carbonyl process of powder production?

(b) Draw the flow sheet of the process.


4. Describe any three of the following powder compaction methods:

(a) High energy rate forming technique.

(b) Double action floating die compaction.

(c) Extrusion of powders.

(d) Continuous compaction of powders.


5. Describe four important material transport mechanisms of sintering.


6. (a) How can you bring about an improvement in the process of Infiltration?

(b) Point out the essential requirements in choosing an infiltrant.


7. (a) Explain the mechanisms through which the lubricants operate in the porous bearing.

(b) What considerations influence the life of sintered bearing? Explain.


8. (a) Describe the mechanism, method of production, limitations and applications of a dispersion strengthened alloy.

(b) Describe in detail the technology of production of S. A. P and their properties

and uses.

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