JNTU Previous Question papers-B-Tech-IV-Real Time Systems-Feb-2008

JNTU Previous Question papers B.Tech-IV-Real Time Systems-February 2008

Supplementary Examinations, February 2008




1. Explain the following :

(a) Loop Control

(b) Supervisory Control

(c) Direct Digital Control.


2. Explain what the following parts of a Real- Time systems:

(a) Central Processing Unit

(b) Storage

(c) Input and Output.


3. Explain in detail, the following concepts

(a) Blocks

(b) Procedures and Functions

(c) Packages


4. (a) Construct a set of periodic tasks (with release times, execution times and periods), which can be scheduled by the EDF algorithm but not by the RM algorithm to meet the dead lines.

(b) Describe the situations in which a task should not be pre empted.


5. Explain on RTS development using

(a) Hatley and Phribhai

(b) Ward and Mellor method




6. (a) Write a short note on the following

i. Paisley System

ii. Dataflow diagrams.

(b) What are the different areas of applications of petri nets?


7. (a) Explain how to use hardware redundancy in the issue of voting and consensus.

(b) Explain in detail N-modular redundancy ( NMR) for forward error recovery.


8. (a) Describe Reliability Models for Hardware Redundancy.

(b) Distinguish between combinatorial Model and Markov chain model.

i. What is meant by fault injection? Explain how it is used to measure an error Propagation time.

ii. Explain real life components, which have a hazard rate shaped according to the Bathtub curve.

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