JNTU Previous Question Papers- B.Tech-CS -IT-Unix Programming Aug/Sept-2008

JNTU III B.Tech Semester Supplementary Examinations, Aug/Sep 2008


( Common to Computer Science & Engineering and Information Technology)



1. Explain basic file attributes. Discuss the appropriate commands associated with these attributes.


2. Which is the command used for ordering a file? Discuss all the options available for this command. For every option explain with an example.


3. (a) While executing a shell script either the LOGNAME or the UID is supplied at the command prompt. Write a shell script to find out at how many terminals has this user logged in?

(b) Write a shell script to display first n numbers of Fibonacci series.


4. (a) Explain about different conditional expressions available in Bourne shell.

(b) Write a shell script which receives two filenames as arguments. It should check

whether the two file’s contents are same or not. If they are same then second file should be deleted. Use ‘cmp’ command to compare files.


5. (a) Write the difference between fgetc and getc system calls.

(b) Write the syntax of fflush system call give an example.


6. (a) Write the differences between wait and waitpid system calls.

(b) Explain threads.


7. Explain the concept of requesting and releasing a lock.


8. The syntax of msgget system call is int msgget(key t key, int flag)

(a) Explain type of key

(b) Explain what value it returns

(c) What is the use of flag

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