JNTU previous papers,BTech, 1st Sem Instrumentation components, November 2008

JNTU,B.Tech, I-Semester


(Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering and Electronics & Control Engineering)



1. (a) What is the coupling mechanism with operation of a cluch in an automotive?

(b) In what way are different from chain and belt drives?

(c) Enumerate the applications of friction drives. [6+6+4]


2. (a) What are the guidelines in the selection of safety relief value?

(b) Explain factors are to be considered in fixing and design of safety relief value.


3. (a) What are the essential characteristics required of a switch.

(b) Mention different types of switches based on the number of circuits they can

switch and the number of outlets for each circuit.

(c) Can active elements like diode and transistor be used as switch – Explain.



4. (a) Discriminate between ordinary electric motors and Servo motors.

(b) Briefly explain the working of D.C and A.C servomotors with neat sketches.



5. Give the constructional features of the following resistors.

(a) Carbon-composition resistor

(b) Thin film resistor

(c) Thick film resistor. [5+5+6]


6. (a) Draw the pin configuration of IC 741 and explain the purpose of each pin.

(b) Give the specifications, circuit symbol and applications of IC 741.

(c) Explain the biasing arrangement of IC 741. [6+8+2]


7. (a) Explain the construction and working principle of photo detector.

(b) Describe how light dependent resistor is used for control applications?

(c) Explain how photodiode be use in a relay system. [8+4+4]


8. (a) List the materials used for manufacturing reflectors. Explain any one manu-

facturing process.

(b) Explain how resonators are effectively used in optical system? [10+6]


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