JNTU Previous Papers-Network Protocol-B-Tech-Supplementary Examinations-February 2008


JNTU IV B.Tech I Semester Supplimentary Examinations, February 2008


(Information Technology)



1. Distinguish between application level Internet services and network level Internet services?


2. (a) Mention the features of RARP and distinguish the terms timing RARP transaction primary and backup RARP servers?

(b) Monitor a local area network while we reboot various computers, which uses RARP?


3. (a) Mention the features of sliding window for providing flow control?

(b) Distinguish between ports, connections and end points with respect to TCP.


4. How the slow convergence problem is tackled in RIPI? What are the elements of RIPI 1 message format and mention the meaning of various commands used?


5. (a) With a diagram explain IP multicast addresses. Also give example on reserved multicast.

(b) Explain how mapping is done in case of IP multicast to Ethernet multicast?


6. (a) How caching contributes efficiency to the naming process?

(b) What are the various components of Domain Server Message format?


7. What are the limitations of FTP to carry the Internet traffic and how it is distinguished from HTTP? Mention the characteristics of HTTP Protocol?


8. It is possible to translate some application protocols into others. For example, it might be possible to build a program that accepts an FTP request, translates it to a PFTP request, passes the result to a TFTP server to obtain a file, and translates the reply back to FTP for transmission to the original source. What are the advantages and disadvantages of such protocol translation?

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