JNTU previous papers-B-Tech-Production Engineering-Foundry And Welding-Aug/Sep 2008

JNTU III B.Tech Supplimentary Examinations, Aug/Sep 2008


(Production Engineering)


1. Explain the tests and procedures to find the following properties of molding sands.

(a) Green, compressive & shear strength

(b) Permeability

(c) Moisture content.


2. (a) Draw with a neat sketch of cupola label the principle sections of the furnace. Describe briefly it’s operation.

(b) Define efficiency of cupola. How is can be improved.

(c) Discuss the factors on which the melting capacity of a cupola depends.


3. (a) Where is spare usually located with respect to mold cavity? Why is a pouring basin necessary?

(b) Discuss the various factors involved in the design of riser for a casting. Explain the method of increasing riser efficiency.


4. What are the variables that affect the strength of a welded Joint? Explain them fully.


5. (a) What is an adhesive?

(b) What should be important characteristics of adhesives used in adhesive bonding process.

(c) Explain the

i. Thermoplastic and

ii. Thermosetting type of adhesives.


6. (a) Explain the reasons for estimating welding costs.

(b) Discuss the factors involved in welding costs.


7. (a) Explain the good practices in the design of molded plastic parts.

(b) What are main advantages of injection molding for thermoplastic parts as compared with hot compression molding.


8. (a) Explain why powder Metallurgy is indispensble for the manufacture of certain components.

(b) Explain in detail the major steps involved in the manufacture of a powder metallurgy component.

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