JNTU previous papers | B-Tech Ist Sem | Anatomy and physiology | November 2008

JNTU previous papers



(Bio-Medical Engineering)


1. What is a motor unit? Explain the phases of Twitch contraction with muscle contraction? Specify the abnormal contractions of skeletal muscles?


2. What are the auditory ossicles? Explain the physiology of hearing?


3. Describe the cardiac output and their factors affecting cardiac output?


4. Discuss about the lung volumes and capacities. What is pulmonary ventilation?


5. Write short notes on:

(a) Thyroid gland

(b) Penial gland.


6. Describe the structure of stomach? Explain the digestion process in the stomach?


7. Describe the formation and flow of lymph.


8. Describe the male reproductive system. What are the function of the testes?


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