JNTU Previous Papers-B Tech-CSE-3rd -year-Language Processors-Aug/Sep 2008

JNTU III B.Tech Supplimentary Examinations, Aug/Sep 2008


(Computer Science & Engineering)



1. (a) Write a procedure for minimizing number of states of a DFA, and explain with one example.

(b) What are the different translation rules of a LEX program?


2. (a) Construct operator precendence parser for the following grammar for reference expressions.

R ! R‘1?R|RR|R?|(R)|a|b.

(b) What are the common conflicts that can be encountered in shift reduce parsers.


3. (a) What is an SLR grammer

(b) Construct LALR(1) parsetable for the following grammer

S ! Aa|bAc|Bc|bBa

A ! d

B ! d .


4. Write short notes on:

(a) type conversion with example

(b) type coercion with example


5. (a) Which data structure will be used to implement a symbol table in an efficient way? Give reasons.

(b) Discuss and analyze about all the allocation strategies in run-time storage environment .


6. (a) What are the applications of DAG. Explain how the following expression can

be converted in a DAG a+b*(a+b)+c+d

(b) Explain how loop invariant components can be eliminated.


7. (a) Explain how ?Redundant sub expression elimination? can be done at global level in a given program.

(b) Explain how syntax trees can be constructed for the following expression




8. (a) Write the general format of Macro Prototype statement and Macro call Give an example.

(b) What is meant by Conditional expansion and Expansion time Loops?

(c) Define Macro Expansion Counter ( MEC). Mention its functions.

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