JNTU Previous Exam Papers B Tech 2nd Year Object Oriented Programming Through Java Nov 2008


, (Computer Science & Engineering, Information Technology and Computer Science & Systems Engineering) November 2008




1. Write down the properties of Java language. [16]


2. (a) Give general form of the package statement. Give an example package creation


(b) Give general form of a multileveled package statement. What is the signifi-

cance of the CLASSPATH environment variable in creating/using a package?

(c) Give the general form of the import statement. Illustrate a Java program that creates a package and uses it. [5+6+5]


3. (a) Explain the difference between static and dynamic binding with examples.

(b) Explain how to call virtual functions in base class constructor? [8+8]


4. Write a program, which illustrates all the mouse and window events. [16]


5. (a) What do you mean by an exception and error? Give the hierarchy of the exceptions in java.

(b) List out the various java built-in exception handlers. [8+8]


6. (a) What is deadlock? How is it resolved? Explain by means of a program.

(b) What type of controls can be applied on threads? Mention about the old and

new versions of such methods. [8+8]


7. What is a cookie? Write a program to illustrate the use of cookies. [16]


8. How can you create a custom RMI Socket Factory and how can you specify the

Socket factory in your application give an example. [16]

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