JNTU Exam Papers Automobile Engineering I Sem Nov 2008

JNTU Exam Papers

Automobile Engineering I Sem Nov 2008


1. (a) What are different engines used in Marine applications? Explain.

(b) Analyse the hydro electric power generation unit. [8+8]


2. (a) Draw P-V and T-S diagrams S.I Engine and explain its working.

(b) Is it feasible to construct a sterling engine. Explain in detail. [8+8]


3. (a) Differentiate between crank shaft and cam shaft?

(b) Draw the schematic diagram of crank shaft for multi cylinder engine and

explain salient features. [8+8]


4. (a) How to minimize the leakage of gases from the engine cylinder through the

valve ports while valves are closed ? Explain .

(b) Draw the diagram of Crank case ? What are different components accomodated in crank case? [8+8]


5. (a) What is atomisation? How can it be achieved in petrol engines?

(b) A fan cylinder fan stroke square engine running at 40 rps has a carburetor

venture with a 3 cm throat. Assuming the bar diameter to be 10 cm, volumeter efficiency of 75%, density of air is 1.15and coefficient of air flow D is 0.75, calculate the suction at throat and mass flow rate of air. [6+10]


6. (a) Classify different fuel delivery systems for petrol engines? Explain.

(b) What are different problems faced by fuel transfer pump? Explain methods to rectify them. [8+8]


7. (a) Write the differences between mechanical fuel injector and pneumatic fuel


(b) Discuss the effect of pressure of oil pneumatic in to the combustion chamber.



8. (a) What are the objectives of lubrication in automobile engines? Explain.

(b) How two stroke engines are lubricated? Explain with a suitable diagram.


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