JNTU PAPERS B-Tech,I-Semester,Bio Electricity And Electrod,November 2008


JNTU, B.Tech,I-Semester,

                                                                           Bio Electricity And Electrod

,November 2008

                                                                           (Bio-Medical Engineering)



1. What is bio-elecrtric potential and how it is associated with body? Explain?

2. Write short notes on

(a) Na+ K+ pump.

(b) Transmembrane potential .

(c) Resting potential in Squid axon.


3. What is saltatory conduction? Explain how transmembrane potential is measured.

Add a note on nodes and internodes.


4. Enumerate the electrical activity of the heart with the help of Einthoven’s triangle.


5. Explain the classification and characteristics of bio potential electrodes with the

help of required waveforms and block diagrams.


6. How are PH measurements taken? Explain the electrodes used to tap EOG, EEG

and ECG.


7. (a) Explain using the necessary waveform as to how surface electrodes are used

to get the ElectroMyoGram?

(b) Interpret the EMG as a case of neuromuscular transmission waveform.


8. What are the alpha and beta rhythms in EEG? Give their normal frequency range.

How is EEG used in disorders like Epilepsy for early detection?





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