JNTU PAPERS B-Tech,I-Semester, Bio Electricity And Electrod,November 2008


JNTU, B.Tech,I-Semester,

                                                                          Bio Electricity And Electrod

November 2008

                                                                           (Bio-Medical Engineering)


1. Describe the basic concepts of electro cardiography what is normal semi-permeable



2. What is Nernst equation? Explain how it shows that the electrode response depends on both temperature and the no of charges on the ion.


3. Write notes on.

(a) Structure of neuron.

(b) Electrical transmission of impulse.


4. Enumerate the electrical activity of the heart with the help of Einthoven’s triangle.


5. Write the applications of bio-electrodes in medical field. Explain about electrodeelectrolyte interface.


6. Write a note on “Physiotherapy instruments”.


7. (a) Explain using the necessary waveform as to how needle electrodes are used to acquire the EMG ?

(b) What is a synapse? How it helps in neuromuscular transmission.


8. Explain how EEG is recorded. Explain the different patterns of the same.


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