JNTU PAPERS B-Tech II Semester Examinations Petroleum And Petrol Chemical Technology, Aug/Sep 2008


JNTU B.Tech II Semester Examinations,

 Petroleum And Petrol Chemical Technology, Aug/Sep 2008

 (Chemical Engineering)


1. (a) what are the different ways of transporting petroleum crude and Products?

(b) What are the different forms of sulphur compounds present in Petroleum crude? [8+8]


2. Explain about

(a) Viscosity and different methods for determining viscosity.

(b) Octane number and knock characteristics

(c) Cetane number. [6+6+4]


3. What are the important top products of atmospheric distillation of crude oil? Discuss their end uses in detail. [8+8]


4. (a) How does mercaptan effect a petroleum products? Describe the process to

remove mercaptans.

(b) What treatment methods are employed to improve the quality of lubes? Ex-

plain. [10+6]


5. Outline the procedure for recycling in Butane plants. [16]


6. Explain the construction and operation of methanol manufactureing ICI reactor.

Also explain the methanol manufacturing process using this reactor. [16]


7. Explain the alternative processes used for the manufacturing ethylene glycol in the

petroleum industry. [16]


8. With flow diagram,explain the Acetaldehyde production from Acetylene by using

Chisso process. [16]

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