JNTU Organic Chemistry Exam Paper November 2008

JNTU Organic Chemistry Exam Paper November 2008

(Chemical Engineering)


1. (a) What is resonance

(b) What are the necessary conditions for resonance. [4+12]

2. Write a detailed note on Perkin reaction with mechanism. [16]

3. (a) What happens when propane gas is heated with bromine vapours in a sealed

tube which is irradiated with a light of wavelength 250 nm?

(b) Describe the reaction of NBS and isobutylene. [10+6]

4. Explain the following

(a) Chiral center

(b) Plane polarised light

(c) Meso compound

(d) Conformational isomers [4×4]

5. Write a note on conformational analysis of cyclothexane. [16]

6. (a) What are high polymers? How are they classified ? explain with examples.

(b) With the help of a block diagram, discuss the manufacture of polyethylene

terephthalate. [8+8]

7. (a) How will you prepare the following compounds.

i. Pyrrole

ii. Quinoline

(b) Compare Electrophilic substitution reactions in Pyrrole and Pyridine. Justify

your comparison with suitable explanation. [8+8]

8. Give an example for each of the following

(a) Mordaut dye

(b) an azo dye

(c) Vat dye

(d) Triphenyl amine dye

Give the synthesis of any two of them? [16]


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