JNTU Exam Papers-B-Tech-IV Year-Network Protocol, February 2008


JNTU  B.Tech IVSupplimentary Examinations, February 2008

                                                                                                             Network Protocol

(Information Technology)



1. (a) What is the maximum size packet that can be send on high-speed network: Network System Corporate HyperTerminal? Mention the constraints associated with it?

(b) Obtain the details of inter-packet gap and preamble size?

(c) What is the maximum study rate associated with Ethernet data transport?


2. (a) Discuss the ARP refinements and its relationship to other protocols?

(b) Explain the steps, which are required in implementation of ARP.


3. Illustrate how a TCP connection is established and closed with a neat sketch?

Mention the features of TCP state Machine?


4. What are the key restrictions of exterior gateway protocol? Mention the functions

of routing arbitrary system (RA).


5. Write a short note on the following:

(a) Protocol Independence multicast

(b) Core based trees (CBT)

(c) Reverse path multicasting.


6. Mention any four TELNET commands and explain in brief about their functions?

What are the control functions that are recognized by TELNET NVT during client server communication?


7. Write a short note on the following:

(a) RTP Control Protocol (RTCP)

(b) RTCP Operation

(c) IP Telephony & Signaling.


8. What is the need of link Level Management Protocols. Mention the architecture model of Network Management in the Client System?