JNTU IV B.Tech I Semester Supplimentary Examinations, February 2008

JNTU IV B.Tech I Semester Supplimentary Examinations, February 2008


(Metallurgy & Material Technology)


1. Explain the electrolytic decomposition of Alumina by Hall-Heroult process.


2. (a) Discuss the properties and applications of Beryllium?

(b) i. Mention the important sources of Beryllium.

ii. Explain the extraction of Beryllium by Fluoride process with neat flow



3. (a) What type of alloys are included under the general heading, light alloys?

(b) What alloying elements are commonly used and what is the effect of alloying elements in the commercial aluminum alloys?


4. (a) Draw the phase diagram of Al-Si and label all the phases present in it.

(b) Why eutectic alloys are more preferable for casting than others?

(c) What are the advantages of Si in Aluminum?


5. Explain the alloy designation for light metals and alloys given by American Society for Testing Materials with suitable examples.


6. (a) Discuss the applications of Titanium P/M products.

(b) Explain the mechanical and physical properties of Titanium P/M products.


7. Define the following terms:

(a) Solutionizing

(b) Quenching

(c) Precipitation hardening

(d) Aging


8. (a) Discuss the precipitation hardening of Mg-Zn based alloys.

(b) Explain the heat treatment of Mg-Thorium based alloys.

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