JNTU III B.Tech Supplimentary Examinations, Aug/Sep 2008

JNTU III B.Tech Supplimentary Examinations, Aug/Sep 2008


( Common to Computer Science & Engineering, Information Technology

and Computer Science & Systems Engineering)


1. (a) Describe some important applications of on parallel processing.

(b) Descirbe Feng’s classification.


2. (a) Give the different classifications of pipeline processors.

(b) Describe the typical pipeline structure of a CPU.


3. (a) What are the parameters that characteristics SIMD computers ?

(b) What is masking. Explain masking mechanism.

(c) Analyse the various components in a Processing Element of an array processor.


4. Explain the following terminologies associated with SIMD computers

(a) Lock-step Operations.

(b) Associative Memory.

(c) Adjacency search.

(d) Bit serial Associative Processor.


5. (a) Design 8 x 8 omega network with 2 x 2 switches.

(b) Distinguish the performance of delta network and crossbars.


6. (a) Explain briefly the requirements of operating system for multiprocessors.

(b) What is a separate supervisor operating system ? List its characteristics,advantages

and shortcomings.


7. (a) Explain a square systolic array for L-U decomposition.

(b) Describe a matrix Arithmetic architecture processor.


8. (a) Give the Inter CPU Communication structure of Cray X-MP System.

(b) Describe the functions of solid state storage device of the I/O Sub system of a Cray X-MP.

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