JNTU II B-Tech I Semester Supplementary Examinations,Data Base Management Systems November 2008


JNTU II B.Tech I Semester Supplimentary Examinations, November 2008

                                                                  Data Base Management Systems

( Common to Computer Science & Engineering, Information Technology

and Computer Science & Systems Engineering)SET-4



1. (a) Write about the different types of Database Users.

(b) Write about the storage manager of database system structure.


2. (a) What is an unsafe query? Give an example and explain why it is important to disallow such queries?

(b) What is relational completeness? If a query language is relationally complete,

can you write any desired query in that language.


3. (a) Explain the basic structure of SQL?

(b) Write SQL expressions for the following relational databases. employee (empno, empname, gender, dob, doj, empadd, emptelno, empsalary, empdept, bonus,


i. Find empname from emp schema table who joins at the same date?

ii. Find empadd, empname who are working in the same department?

iii. Find the salary from emp schema who are earing more than 6000?

iv. Find how many records are in table emp schema?

v. Find empno, empname, empdept from emp schema where empsalary is b/n.


4. Explain the 4NF. Why is it useful? Explain with example


5. (a) Explain how concurrency execution of transactions improves overall system performance.

(b) What are the transaction isolation Levels in SQL.


6. (a) What are the merits & demerits of using fuzzy dumps for media recovery.

(b) Explain the phases of ARIES Algorithm.

(c) Explain 3 main properties of ARIES Algorithm


7. List the physical storage media available on the computers youu use routinely. Give the speed with which data can be accessed on each mediaum.


8. What are the differences between B-tree indices and B+?tree indices. Explain in detail.


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