JNTU II B.Tech I Semester Regular Examinations, November 2008

JNTU II B.Tech I Semester Regular Examinations, November 2008


( Common to Information Technology and Computer Science & Systems





1. (a) What are the advantages of function prototypes in C++?

(b) What is the main advantage of passing arguments by reference? Explain with

an example.


2. (a) What does inheritance mean in C++? What are the benefits of inheritance?

(b) What are the different forms of inheritance? Give an example for each.


3. (a) Discuss the components for the space needed by a program.

(b) Explain about the additional factors that may influence the space complexity of a program.


4. (a) What is Open Addressing hashing?

(b) Explain Linear Probing.

(c) What are the disadvantages of Linear Probing?


5. What is the significance of priorities? How do you arrange elements in a priority queue? How do you implement a priority queue.


6. Compare different search tress.

7. (a) How many comparisons are made by Binary search for a successful search and

for an unsuccessful search. Explain.

(b) Consider the list of elements: -15, -6, 0, 7, 9, 23, 54, 82, 101, 112, 125, 131,

142, 151. Trace the Binary search algorithm ser4aching for elements 151, -14,

9 respectively.


8. Dynamic programming often drastically reduces the amount of enumeration by

avoiding the enumeration of some decision sequences that can not possibly be optimal. Explain.


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