JNTU Fundamentals of Aeronautical Engineering Question Paper 2008



(Aeronautical Engineering)


 1. Discuss the developments in the field of Aerodynamics over the years. [16]

2. (a) How do the primary controls of a Helicopter differ from that of a fixed wing aircraft?

(b) Define dorsal and explain its function. [12+4]

3. How can you measure the speed of an airplane in flight? Hence define True air speed and Indicated air speed. How do these two differ? Which one is shown by an Air speed indicator and why? [16]

4. What is understood by the term “STABILITY OF ATMOSPHERE”? Work out the conditions under which atmosphere is stable. [16]

5. Discuss the different materials used in the construction of a wing of the airplane, with the field of application and significance of the use. [16]

6. What are the general types of construction of wings and fuselage, give practical examples of each type with neat sketches. [16]

7. (a) Explain the various elements of the jet unit used in airplanes.

(b) With the help of neat sketch explain the use of jet unit for production of thrust in airplanes. [8+8]

8. Explain the principle and working of rocket. Describe the different components of a rocket.

JNTU Fundamentals of Aeronautical Engineering Question Paper 2008


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