JNTU Fundamentals of Aeronautical Engineering Exam Paper 2008



(Aeronautical Engineering)



1. (a) Metallic aircrafts are superior than fabric covered aircraft. Discuss.

(b) Why biplanes were considered better than monoplanes during the early developments ? [10+6]

2. Write down the merits and demerits of High wing, Low wing and Mid wing aircrafts. Give examples. [16]

3. It is well known that roll and yaw maneuvers are often employed together. Explain the mechanism for providing roll and yaw maneuvers with sketches? [16]

4. Explain the usefulness of the study of atmosphere in aerospace engineering. What are different layers of atmosphere? Discuss each one in some details? [16]

5. What are the structural components of a wing? Draw a neat-labeled diagram of a typical wing showing all the components and discuss their significance. [16]

6. What are the general types of construction of wings and fuselage, give practical examples of each type with neat sketches. [16]

7. (a) Explain the various elements of the propeller unit.

(b) With the help of neat sketch explain the use of propeller unit for production of thrust in airplanes. [8+8]

8. Explain the principle and working of rocket. Describe the different components of a rocket.

JNTU Fundamentals of Aeronautical Engineering Exam Paper 2008

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