JNTU Exam Papers,IV B-Tech II Semester Supplimentary Exam,Database Management System,June 2007

JNTU Exam Papers

IV B.Tech II Semester Supplementary

Examinations, June 2007



1. (a) What is a Data model ? List the important data models

(b) Explain

i. DDL

ii. DML

iii. Data sublanguage

iv. Host language

2. (a) what are the various salient features of the QBE ?

(b) Explain the following :

i. Relational database query.

ii. Query language

iii. SQL

iv. Embedded SQL.

3. (a) Discuss the mechanism used to read data from or write data into the disk.

(b) Explain how the double buffering improves the block access time.

4. What is

(a) queryevaluation plan

(b) queryexecution engine

(c) catalog information about relations and indices

5. Discuss in detail about estimating the cost of an evaluation plan for a query block.

6. (a) The following set of functional dependencies for relation scheme R=(A.B,C,D,E)





Using the functional dependencies. Compute the canonical cover F.

(b) Explain the concept of aggregation and specialization with examples.

7. (a) Discuss about deadlock detection and starvation.

(b) Explain read-only and write-only protocols and read-before-write protocol in Serializability.

8. Explain WAL Protocol, UNDO algorithm, Check pointing and Media Recovery?

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