JNTU Exam Papers,IV B.Tech II Sem Supplimentary Exams,Unix &amp Windows NT,June 2007

IV B.Tech II Semester Supplementary Examinations, June 2007



1. (a) Explain the main features of UNIX operating system.

(b) Explain how the UNIX operating system manages the sharing of resources.

2. How does the UNIX operating system deals with Files and Directories? How is it differentiates between the File and Directory?

3. Explain about various file comparison commands

4. (a) Write short notes on:

i. Executable file version

ii. Built in commands

(b) Write about shell programming

5. (a) What is the use of shell while executing the unix command. Give two examples?

(b) What will be the output of the following commands?

i. $echo

ii. ls

iii. rm

iv. echo$PATH

6. Explain about the operators that are used in the formation of conditional expressions.

7. How the Windows NT operating system can partition the disk? How it can make use free space while partitioning?

8. Explain various responsibilities of remote server manager.

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