JNTU Exam Papers,IV B.Tech II Sem Supplimentary Exams,Embedded Systems, June 2007

IV B.Tech II Semester Supplementary Examinations, June 2007



1. (a) List and define three main characteristics of embedded systems that distinguish such systems from other computing systems.

(b) Write the characteristics of embedded systems.

2. (a) What is a single-purpose processor? What are the benefits of choosing a single-purpose processor to against a general-purpose processor?

(b) Draw the basic architecture of single-purpose processor.

3. (a) Explain the stages of Instruction Execution?

(b) What is meant by superscalar and VLIW architectures.

4. Explain the architectural features of ADSP 21065.

5. (a) Using sequential control model explain an elevator controller system.

(b) Define the following terms:

Finite state machines, concurrent processes, real-time systems, and real-time operating systems.

6. Explain in detail about the following to communication process.

(a) Shared memory.

(b) Message passing.

7. (a) Explain in detail about the combinational logic synthesis approach?

(b) Explain in detail about FSM synthesis.

8. (a) What is hardware /software co-design?

(b) Explain temporal and spatial thinking in hardware/software co-design?

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