JNTU Exam Papers,I B.Tech Supplimentary Examinations,Introduction to Computers, Aug/Sep-2008

I B.Tech Supplimentary Examinations, Aug/Sep 2008



1. (a) Give different types of computers.

(b) Compare and contrast cache memory and associate memory.

(c) Enumerate various input and output devices.

2. (a) What is the range of numbers that can be represented in 8 bit l’s complement form.

(b) Convert the following into decimal.

i. 1011.1012

ii. 10111.118


3. (a) Differentiate between:

i. Algorithm and Flowchart

ii. Syntax error and Logical error.

(b) Write an algorithm to generate prime numbers between the two given limits.

4. Explain the following string handling functions with an example for each.

(a) strupr ( )

(b) strcpy( )

(c) strncmp( )

(d) strcat( )

5. (a) Write an algorithm for Bisection method.

(b) Compute the real root of xlog10x = 1.2 which lies between 2 and 3 correct to 3 decimal places using Bisection method.

6. (a) Solve the system of equations using Gauss-Seidal method.

8x-y+z-18 = 0

2x+5y-2z-3 = 0

x+y-3z+6 = 0.

(b) Write an algorithm for Gauss – Jordan method.

7. (a) Derive the formula to estimate the polynomial of degree n using Lagrange interpolation method.

(b) Find the 3rd polynomial to fit the following points:

i 1 0 1 3 F(X) 6 2 2 10 Using Newton’s forward formula.

8. (a) By dividing the range into ten equal parts, evaluate R0Sinxdx by Simpsons rule. Verify your answer with integration.

(b) Solve the following differential equation by Euler modified method


= 2xy, y (0) = 0.5 solution for 1  x  0

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