JNTU Exam Papers,I B.Tech Supplimentary Examinations, English, Aug/Sep-2008

I B.Tech Supplimentary Examinations, Aug/Sep 2008



1. Consider pedal power and wind power as alternative sources of energy in the context of rural India. Write a paragraph explaining their relative merits and drawbacks.

2. Write an essay on “Artificial Intelligence”. If the trend towards it continues how will it affect the human beings, classify the effects under some general headings.

3. Detail the research activities of Dr.SS Bhatnagar.

4. Discuss the problem of J. C. Bose in becoming a trailblazer.

5. What are the technical problems involved in cleaning the Cooum rivier?

6. Discuss the contribution of Salim Ali to ornithology.

7. (a) Complete the following sentences with blanks with one of the words that follow:

i. We cannot eat this food; it is – – – – –

A. bad

B. rancid

C. rotten

D. old.

ii. I prefer seeing the film – – – – – reading.

A. to

B. for

C. over

D. than.

(b) Give the synonyms of the following words:

i. impolite

ii. passive.

(c) Give the antonyms of the following words:

i. evil

ii. cruel.

(d) Correct the errors in the following sentences:

i. She counted the books to make sure that none of them were missing.

ii. you are late again, isn’t it?

8. Draft a report on the functioning of the RTC bus depot in your city. Write only the abstract, and the body of the report detailing the finances and management problems in the running of the depot. Suggest some solutions.

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