JNTU Exam Papers,I B.Tech Supplimentary Examinations, English, Aug/Sep-2008

I B.Tech Supplimentary Examinations, Aug/Sep 2008



1. Critically build an argument that though solar power and wind power need huge initial investments, they can be a boon afterwards as their running costs are very less.

2. Computers have been introduced in many public sectors in India. Do you think that this has led to unemployment? Are there any advantages in the introduction of computers in large scale sectors?

3. What is meant by indigenous technology? Why should such a technology be recommended for a country like India?

4. What was C. V. Raman’s contribution to the scientific community of India?

5. What are the technical problems involved in cleaning the Cooum rivier?

6. What are the advantages of to the employer training the employee?

7. (a) Complete the following sentences with blanks with one of the words that follow:

i. He is not good enough to be entrusted confidential files.

A. to

B. for

C. with

D. about.

ii. Visitors are cautioned pickpockets.

A. for

B. against

C. on

D. in.

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