JNTU Exam Papers – I B.Tech Regular Examinations– English – May/Jun 2008

I B.Tech Regular Examinations, May/Jun 2008



1. Answer briefly:

(a) Discuss Jainulabdeen’s philosophy on prayer.

(b) Who is a special helper? How can he help those in distress?

(c) ‘Happiness and peace of mind come to us from within and not from outside’

i. Narrate how Kalam’s father put this philosophy into practice during a time of crisis

ii. Express your opinion of the above statement and elucidate with examples from personal experience, if any.

2. (a) Narrate through an instance how V.K. Menon displayed his faith in Kalam’s work.

(b) What did Kalam learn from the setback to the Hovercraft project?

(c) “There are boundaries that dictate life. You can only lift so much weight you can only go so far!” Dr. Kalam experienced this when the hovercraft project had to be shelved. Discuss how you would react to the boundaries that govern your life and how you would proceed to achieve your goals without giving up.

3. Answer briefly:

(a) When did the customer come for the framed photograph? What was the due date fixed by the customer?

(b) Describe what happened to the photograph when Datta began working on it.

(c) What was the fate of the photograph? How did Datta attempt to rescue it?

(d) Describe Datta’s reaction to the sad fate of the photograph.

4. Answer Briefly:

(a) Why did Dr. Kalam feel left out at the next SLV-3 flight in 1981? What was the bitter truth he had to face?

(b) Why was Kalam invited to DEAL in Dehradun? Why was he interested in nuclear scientist Prof. Raja Ramanna’s speech?

(c) Why was Kalam invited to meet Prof. Ramanna? What was his opinion of Prof. Ramanna’s personality?

(d) What was Kalam’s response to Prof. Ramanna’s invitation to join DRDL? What was the decision he made?

5. (a) Write a short note on Kalpana’s married life.

(b) What is Miriams reminiscence about kalpana ?

(c) How did Kalpana become an astronaut ?

(d) Write about Kalpana’s achievements in her dancing school.

6. (a) Why was Delia proud at the end of the week?

(b) Write a short note on Clementina.

(c) Draw a sketch of the man from Peoria as described by Joe.

(d) How did Delia’s right hand get hurt?

7. (a) A rainy day

(b) Grinding stone futures mo mosses.

8. (a) Prepositions (on, at in) For each sentence, fill in the blank with either on, at or in

i. Howard was late again – He never comes…………. time

ii. I have a lot of things to do…………. work today

iii. We bought these clothes…………. sale

iv. What did you learn…………. class today ?

v. Hey didn’t I see you…………. the Killers concert ?

vi. Children Dont play…………. the street, It’s dangerous

vii. The most expensive stores are located fifth Avenue

viii. If someone is always busily moving around, you can say they’re…………. the go”

(b) Prepositions (on, at in Part – 2)

For each sentences, fill in the blank with either on, at, or in

i. I didn’t like Tom when I met him, but…………. time we became friends.

ii. Do it right away = Do it…………. once

iii. We bought these clothes…………. sale

iv. There are lots of handsome men…………. the navy

v. Hey didn’t I see you…………. Julie’s party. What’s your name ?

vi. I usually don’t work…………. weekends

vii. I know you’re my friend, but…………. times you behave like you weren’t.

viii. She has everything under control = She is…………. top of things.

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