JNTU Exam Papers – I B.Tech Regular Examinations– Engineering Chemistry – May/Jun 2008

I B.Tech Regular Examinations, May/Jun 2008



1. Write a short notes on the following:

(a) Break – point chlorination

(b) Dissolved oxygen

(c) Hardness of water

(d) Sedimentation and coagulation.

2. Write short notes on :

(a) Priming and Foaming

(b) Phosphate conditioning

(c) Caustic embrittlement.

3. (a) What is oxidation corrosion and how does it take place? Describe the mechanism of oxidation corrosion.

(b) Describe the various factors influencing the rate of chemical corrosion.

4. (a) Describe the mechanism of drying of conjugated oils.

(b) Name any four important drying oils.

(c) Define the following:

i. Acid value of an oil

ii. Saponification


iii. Iodine Value.

5. (a) Why are Silicones called inorganic polymers? Discuss the synthesis of linear chain Silicones.

(b) Why Bakelite can’t be remoulded and write its repeating unit?

(c) Describe condensation polymerization with an example

6. Discuss any FOUR essential properties of a good refractory in detail.

7. Explain the various mechanisms of lubrication in detail.

8. (a) Discuss the relative merits and demerits of solid, liquid and gaseous fuels.

(b) Explain the significance of the following constituents present in coal.

i. Total carbon

ii. Hydrogen

iii. Nitrogen

iv. Sulphur and

v. Oxygen.

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