JNTU Exam Papers – I B.Tech Regular Examinations– Chemical Engineering– May/Jun 2008

I B.Tech Regular Examinations, May/Jun 2008



1. (a) Differentiate between crushing and grinding.

(b) Explain the applications of size enlargement.

(c) Write short notes on electrodialysis.

2. (a) Describe the different types of flow diagram.

(b) Differentiate between bypass, purge and recycle.

3. (a) Define fluid and classify the fluids with suitable examples.

(b) Differentiate between single and multi stage pumps.

(c) What is pump? Explain briefly reciprocating pumps.

4. (a) Define log mean temperature and log mean area.

(b) Explain the significance of heat transfer coefficients.

(c) Write the classification of heat transfer equipments.

5. (a) What are absorption and desorption processes? Explain with suitable examples.

(b) Absorption and Desorption processes may be handle in two ways what are they? Explain.

(c) Describe the essential features and operation of packed absorption column and mention the three main steps in its design.

6. Compare the packed towers with tray towers and also discuss merits & demerits.

7. (a) Draw a neat sketch of a triangular diagram and explain how the binodal curve and tie- line can be represented for the system.

(b) What are the differences between a countercurrent and a crosscurrent cascade?

(c) In a ternary extraction system, what are the solute, solvent, and carrier?

8. (a) Explain divided fixed bed reactor with inter cooling between catalyst beds.

(b) Differentiate between fluidized and semi fluidized beds.

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