JNTU Exam Papers – I B.Tech Regular Examinations– Bio-Technology– May/Jun 2008

I B.Tech Regular Examinations, May/Jun 2008



1. Viruses as agents of diseases. Explain your answer.

2. Explain the Bentham and Hookers System of classification in detail.

3. (a) Draw the labeled sketch of mammalian heart

(b) Explain the circulatory System of mammal

(c) Describe the types of blood group in mammals.

4. Describe the different types of DNA with neat diagrams.

5. How the nervous system does exert a profound influence on all digestive processes?

6. Enumerate on:

(a) Functional anatomy of cochlea

(b) Transmission of sound waves in cochlea.

7. Write notes on:

(a) Organization of photo systems in the thylakoid membrane

(b) Two ways to determine the action spectrum for photosynthesis.

8. Enumerate the transgenic crops currently on the market and the future transgenic products.

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