JNTU Exam Papers–I B-Tech – Applied Chemistry–May/Jun 2008

                                                                                       JNTU Exam Papers

                                                         I B.Tech Regular Examinations, May/Jun 2008

                                                                                APPLIED CHEMISTRY


1. Distinguish the following:

(a) Hard water and soft water

(b) carbonate and non-carbonate hardness

(c) mg/litre and ppm

(d) Sedimentation and filtration.

2. Distinguish between the following:

(a) Scales and Sludges

(b) Soft water and demineralised water.

(c) Lime soda process and demineralization of water.

3. (a) What is oxidation corrosion and how does it take place? Describe the mecha-

nism of oxidation corrosion.

(b) Describe the various factors influencing the rate of chemical corrosion.

4. Explain in detail the various methods of Chemical conversion coatings.

5. (a) How will you synthesis nylon 6,6 from 1,3 butadiene?

(b) Describe the method of preparation of polyester and mention its properties and uses.

(c) What is the repeating unit of

i. natural rubber

ii. Teflon.

6. (a) Write short notes on

i. Thermal spalling

ii. Refractoriness under load.

(b) Describe the preparation, properties and uses of silica refractory bricks.

7. (a) Give the functions of lubricants.

(b) Describe the mechanism of extreme pressure lubrication.

(c) How a viscous lubricant is converted into grease?

8. What are the chemical constituents of Cement? Discuss the function of each constituent.

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